Focused Energy: It Begins With Self

How Hypnotherapy and Self-Care Benefit You The style of hypnotherapy I use is called permissive. Permissive meaning my clients are in control throughout their sessions. The options available to them are of their design. There are no deep sleep states where the mind is “reprogrammed” by the hypnotist. Instead, you are relaxed and able to Read More

Soul Medicine: A Course In You

  Nature has a cure for whatever ails you. Plants, trees, herbs and elements can cure what injures us. For those who prefer a doctors prescription, there is something to alleviate what is bothering you.  Soul Medicine is there for those things that are plaguing your soul. Perhaps you have tried therapy, medications and other Read More

Workshop schedule

Greetings everyone! Our workshop schedule is available. Click the links to purchase your ticket. Chakra Balancing workshop Chakra Balancing: Crown to heart workshop Chakra Balancing: Solar Plexus to Root workshop We’re also offering a FREE Relax workshop during our SELFcare Sunday on January 8, 2016 from 2-4 pm CST. Contact us for questions or information. Read More